Book Review: The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy


I can’t remember how I discovered Benjamin Percy’s unique brand of literary horror, but I do remember being excited to receive an Advanced Reading Copy of Red Moon back in 2013 while working as a bookseller. I was similarly excited to receive a digital galley of his new supernatural cyber-thriller The Dark Net.

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7 New Horror Books I’m Excited About for 2017


Image: Hachette

With the notable absence of Stephen King, who is yet to announce his latest solo project, here are a few of my most anticipated supernatural horror novels for 2017.

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5 More Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2016


Image: Random House

Back in December, I posted a list of my most anticipated speculative fiction releases for 2016. From critically-lauded debut novels, to sequels to past bestsellers, here are a few more sci fi, fantasy, and horror titles expected to hit shelves in the second half of this year that look promising.

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Book Review: The Binding by Nicholas Wolff


Image: Simon & Schuster

Let me start by saying Nicholas Wolff’s The Binding wasn’t at all what I was expecting. The use of phrases like “walking corpse syndrome” and “spreading plague” in the blurb gives prospective readers the impression that the plot revolves around some kind of pandemic; however while Wolff’s book does feature zombies of sorts, these in no way resemble the shambling corpses of The Walking Dead.

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