Book Review: The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy


I can’t remember how I discovered Benjamin Percy’s unique brand of literary horror, but I do remember being excited to receive an Advanced Reading Copy of Red Moon back in 2013 while working as a bookseller. I was similarly excited to receive a digital galley of his new supernatural cyber-thriller The Dark Net.

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7 New Horror Books I’m Excited About for 2017


Image: Hachette

With the notable absence of Stephen King, who is yet to announce his latest solo project, here are a few of my most anticipated supernatural horror novels for 2017.

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A Look Back on Horror Fiction in 2015



So far I’ve been impressed with the calibre of horror novels released over the past twelve months, some from authors I’d never heard of before, and others from authors I already knew and loved. Below are a few of the highlights from my reading list this year.


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