Why I’m Nervous About The X-Files Revival



Let me start by saying The X-Files was my first love. The moment my parents introduced me to agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, their unexplained cases, and even more unexplained relationship, I was hooked. Some would say obsessed.

Not only did I make it my life’s mission to record every episode, but I collected anything X-Files-related that I could get my hands on. Videotapes (this was in the days before box sets, when only scattered episodes were available for purchase), books, magazines, t-shirts, action figures — you name it, I owned it. I even managed to track down a reproduction of Mulder’s famous “I Want to Believe” poster, which was given pride of place over my desk. I held onto it after I took it down so I probably still have it somewhere.

In 1998, when the first movie came out, I begged my parents to drive my friend and I to see it on opening weekend. Ten years later, I sat watching the second movie, I Want to Believe, in an empty theatre despite a lackluster finale and abominable reviews. I stuck with the show right up until the last frame, “believing” long after many fans had given up on ever finding out the elusive “truth”. So it’s with conflicted feelings that I say I’m not sure I want another season.

The X-Files played a significant part in informing the person I am today. It was through this show that I discovered my twin passions of science fiction and supernatural horror, and realised that I wanted to spend my life writing about those things. So it’s with great love and respect that I say that I’m worried about revisiting the show after so long. I want the revival to be good. As good as I remember.

When the new season begins, I’ll be watching, of course, like the diehard X-Phile that I am. And hoping that I’m just as smitten as I was twenty years ago.

The X-Files series one to nine are available on DVD and select streaming services. The revival mini-series premieres on Fox on January 24, 2016.


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